The largest music rehearsal facility in Cambridgeshire.

Specifically designed by musicians for musicians.

About The Studios

  • Professional, soundproof music studios
  • Acoustically constructed and treated
  • Various specs to accommodate any need
  • Individually powered with many sockets
  • Comfortably heated and ventilated
  • PA mixer and speakers included in hire
  • 2 microphone’s per hire including stands

Please see below for costs and equipment hire.

Studio Costs

All below prices are the hourly hire cost

RoomPer Hour CostDetails
DS1£20Upper floor
DS2£20Upper floor
Red£12Upper floor
Blue£12Upper floor
Green£12Upper floor
Yellow£12Lower floor
Purple£10Lower floor

Save yourself some pain by taking advantage of our equipment for hire, including products from some of the most infamous brands in music including…

Equipment Costs

All below prices are the total hire cost per session

Equipment TypePer Session CostDetails
Drum Shell£10Excludes Snare & Cymbals
Breakables£5Snare & Cymbals Only
Guitar Combo Amp (Premium)£15Fender Blues Jnr
Guitar Combo Amp (Budget)£7.50Fender Frontman
Guitar Amp Head£10Orange OR15
Guitar Cab 4×12£7.50Marshall JCM 2000 1960 Lead
Guitar Cab 2×12£7.50Marshall JCM 2000 1936 Lead
Bass Combo Amp£7.50Ashdown MAG300
Bass Cab 4×10£7.50Ashdown 410
Other Instruments£10Guitar / Bass / Keys / Congas