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Rocket Park Studios is the premier rehearsal facility in Peterborough giving customers a choice of 6 separate, fully soundproofed studios specifically designed for music rehearsals.

Choose from 5 colour studios, each built using the latest in soundproofing materials, methods and acoustic treatment to ensure that your practice session sounds as good as it can in an environment that is both practical and comfortable without compromise. All studios at Rocket Park have heating and ventilation.

Also on offer is a larger rehearsal studios known as DS1 that can fit more than 40 people in at any one time including equipment. Ideal for pre-production sessions or simply working on stage presence, this studios is equipped with a full length mirrored wall and acoustic ceiling tiles to give the spaceĀ a great sound for music rehearsals.

Hire of all the rehearsal studios at Rocket Park includes a top-of-the-range PA system and two microphones with stands at no added cost. Hire of additional equipment is also offered (subject to availability).


  • 5 colour studios professionally soundproofed and acoustically treated
  • 1 larger studios with mirrored walls
  • Hire includes PA and 2 mics
  • Equipment hire


Red Studio

Blue Studio

Green Studio

Yellow Studio

Purple Studio

Dance Studio 1 (DS1)


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