Rocket Park Studios is a 24 track recording facility based in Peterborough providing a friendly, considered approach to recording and production, with the aim of making your music sound as good as it can. Rocket Park Studios offers a multitude of rehearsal studios, which presents a unique set of soundproofed spaces to work with.

There is access to two different tracking spaces, the first of which is the “red studio”. A medium sized space, used for tracking work. Drums, guitars, bass, acoustic instruments, smaller ensembles and vocal groups are all appropriate for this room.

The second space, “DS1”, doubles as a dance studio and as such, is large enough to cater for almost any sized ensemble. Most of the tracking work is done in DS1  It is an ideal space for drum tracking, along with recordings of choirs, jazz ensembles, wind bands… anything that will fit in the space. Access to acoustic baffles to help with isolation is available when needed as well as individual monitoring for up to 40 performers.

The control room has full, professional acoustic treatment, so is not only a pleasant space to work in but is astonishingly accurate in terms of sound, which provides the perfect mixing environment. All studios at Rocket Park have heating and ventilation.

Rocket Park uses Avid’s Pro Tools, powered by Apple hardware, with a broad range of processing available from the likes of Metric Halo, Slate Digital, Waves, Fabfilter and more. With preamps and compressors by Audient and Warm Audio, analogue to digital conversion from Focusrite’s Safire pro range and a mic locker with offerings from AKG, SE Electronics, Audix, Shure and Rode, you can achieve the results you’re looking for. With access to high-end instruments and amplification you can also achieve a great sound without the need to spend fortunes on expensive equipment.

Please don’t hesitate to drop us an email at or call us on 01733 331170 to discuss your requirements.


  • Two unique tracking studios
  • Top spec recording equipment
  • Avid’s Pro Tools DAW
  • Professional acoustic treatment
  • Competitive rates and offers
  • Access to high-end instruments, amps and more


Pop Star Packages

If you are looking for a party with a difference or just want to see what goes into a professional studio recording look no further than our bespoke Pop Star Packages.

We make sure you get a genuine recording expereince and see the whole process from start to finish. We can have a finished CD for end of the session and we will email the finished MP3s aswell.

For customers who want the start treatment, the experience can get even more “pop star”… your very own professional “paparazzi” photographer will be waiting to snap you upon arival and during the 1st hour of your session. Edited shots will then be sent via email as a momento of the occasion. This service can be added to any of the packages for a fee of £79.


Pop Star 1 Package £89

1 hour 1 song

Pop Star 2 Package £139

2 hours 2 songs

Pop Star 3 Package £189

3 hours 3 songs

Pop Star 4 Package £239

4 hours 4 songs


Amount of songs achieved can vary dependant on factors out of Rocket Park Studio’s control on the day.

All packages are limited to 8 participants. Additional guests can be added to any package for £19 per person (time of session will remain the same).

Prices exclude the cost of downloading backing tracks. Rocket Park Studios charge £5 per backing track to search for and download. There is no guarantee Rocket Park Studios will be able to obtain the track(s) you request, in which case an alternative will be requested.  Customers can provide their own backing track to save costs, this must be emailed to the studio prior to the booking. Rocket Park Studios cannot accept responsibility for the quality of the recording in this circumstance.

A CD will be provided to the lead participant of the group. Additional CDs can be provided at a cost of £5 per CD.