The Sound Of Silence

Pedal Power

Silent Discos have been an alternative music experience at festivals for years. However, at The Willow Festival, in Peterborough last weekend, Rocket Park Studios hosted a new music phenomenon: The Silent Stage…

…With eight stages at The Willow Festival, The Silent Stage was ahead of the rest in terms of noise pollution and green energy…

…All in all, it was a wonderful weekend working collaboratively with Rocket Park Studios to put together such a unique experience.

– Electric Pedals

This years Willow Festival in Peterborough was something of a musical / technical / environmental experiment as far as Rocket Park was concerned!

We teamed up with pedal power pioneers, Electric Pedals to deliver a festival experience the city has never seen before.

Click here for the electric pedals blog page for more information on the event.


IMG_3325 IMG_3324IMG_3327IMG_3322 IMG_3321 20140802-163113-59473347.jpg Silent Stage.jpg 20140802-163113-59473465.jpgIMG_3326


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